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Meet Our DAF Recipients: Terrebonne Fine Arts Guild

Terrebonne Fine Arts Guild — Terrebonne Parish

Terrebonne Fine Arts Guild (TFAG) was organized in 1963 to promote art and art culture in Terrebonne Parish. Downtown Art Gallery 630 was established in 1979 to promote knowledge of and participation in the visual arts through exhibitions, art instructions for children and adults, and to involve and encourage art in the schools by exhibiting students’ work in a parish-wide competition.

TFAG is using its 2016-17 DAF grant to help fund its summer art camps this June and July. The art program teaches children in 2nd through 12th grade five different forms of visual arts: watercolor, acrylics, collage, charcoal drawing, and basic drawing and watercolor pencils. 

How does your program build audiences for the arts?

This program provides an avenue for parents to either continue their child’s art education or introduce their child to a variety of visual art forms.

How might it provide arts activities to groups which have had limited arts experiences?

Our current school system has little time to dedicate to art classes until students reach high school and can choose to take art as an elective course. In addition, many parents cannot afford to send their children to private art lessons. Our art camps help to fill in these gaps, so to speak, and provide school-age children with affordable, quality art instruction.

How does it encourage arts and cultural activities related to one of the following disciplines: dance, design arts, folklife, literature, media, music, theater, visual arts & crafts?

Part of our goal is to teach not only a particular medium, i.e. acrylic, watercolor, etc, but also to show students that they do have artistic talent, and that most art skills can be learned. This comes easier for some than for others; nevertheless, art can be learned, through instructors, books, or online research.

How does the program strengthen the arts in the community?

It is wonderful to see the students build confidence in their abilities as they learn to draw or paint or grasp fundamentals of another medium. They have pride in what they are able to accomplish, and some begin to consider careers in art-related fields.

To register for a camp, call (985) 851-2198. Also, visit Gallery 630’s Facebook page to stay up-to-date on local art shows and events. Special thanks to Carolyn France and Kathy Rhodes of TFAG for providing information and photos.

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