A letter from the new Executive Director

My name is Jeremy Breaux, and it is an honor to introduce myself as the new Executive Director of the Bayou Regional Arts Council (BRAC). I am humbled and excited to help cultivate the arts in this region.

As a graduate of the Nicholls State University art program, I have a personal relationship with art. I have seen and experienced the roadblocks that many artists face in the attempt to make a career as an artist and I’m excited to help others break through these obstacles. Thankfully, art in South Louisiana is widely supported and I am excited to find opportunities for more community engagement through BRAC.

I have many tasks in front of me as the Executive Director but I wanted to share a few of my goals. First, I want to highlight the programs that are already being funded through our grant program. Creating a system to help these programs develop and grow will be an amazing experience. I also plan to create new programs and projects in the area by working closely with businesses and artist to help both sides accomplish their goals.

I hope you will continue to be engaged in the arts in any way possible. Supporting artists can be done in many ways. Purchasing art, funding programs and projects, sharing an artist’s information and offering encouraging words to an artist can go a long way.

I’m excited to see the support for our annual “Duckin’ Out for the Arts” event on Friday, July 12. I will be posting more details as the event approaches, but if you have any questions or would like to be involved in the event please email me.

Thank you for supporting the Bayou Regional Arts Council,

Jeremy Breaux
Executive Director, Bayou Regional Arts Council

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