Arts Advocacy

What can you do to advocate for the arts?

Arts Advocacy

What can you do to advocate for the arts?

1.  Learn the latest facts and figures


2.  Send letters to our elected officials

Elected officials must hear from their constituents, a lot of them! Every individual artist, arts organization and enthusiast must be engaged in this educational campaign.

All letters should be positive in educating legislators on the importance of the arts statewide and in your local community.

The best thing we can do is to provide them with stories that describe the impact of the arts on local lives, on young people, and on the economy.

Click here for a list of our U.S. Representatives and Senators and their addresses.

Fax your letters to the D.C. offices and mail them to the local offices.

You can also visit the Americans for the Arts Action Center where you can sign up to stay informed.


3.  Share Socially

Statistics show that people trust the recommendations of friends more than any other form of advertising, and that word-of-mouth promotion happens most often on social pages. Share something about your favorite artist, arts program, and arts organization on your favorite social media platform. “Like” arts happenings and events.


4.  Join an Arts Organization

There are dozens of arts organizations in our area and an even greater number of individual artists doing beautiful work and enhancing our community. Buy their work, buy a ticket to an event, become a member of an arts organization.